Return to the farm

16 Jul

Written on 7/6/07

Back from vacation on the west coast. We did manage to pick up our farm share right before we left town though. We froze two beautiful quarts of strawberries, made a couple of big salads, and gave most everything else to family or friends. Though I am sorry to say we came back from vacation to realize there was some kale that didn’t get eaten up before we left. Shame on us!

I was glad to return to the farm after vacation. We missed a week while we were away. And unfortunately the strawberries were at their peak while we were gone. We patiently picked our way through the gleanings and did manage to get two quarts of tiny but sweet berries. We ate a bunch and froze the rest. Other farm food this week includes:

two big heads of lettuce (one butter, one red-leaf)
bok choy
a little bit of arugula
a big head of napa cabbage
some sugar snap peas
a lot of big, beautiful snow peas (they’re gargantuan!)
a bunch of tiny little beets
a big bunch of scallions

We’ve had some big salads so far and brought snow peas as a snack in our lunches as we’ve gone back to work this week. We had the most amazing bok choy with garlic at Wild Ginger in Seattle (it’s a great restaurant and you should go if you ever get the chance) – I’m inspired to attempt something similar. I feel daunted by that big head of napa cabbage. The only recipe I know that calls for it is a pseudo-asian style salad that involves crushed up raw ramen noodles. I don’t know if I feel like going that route. Any suggestions? Please do tell! Maybe I’ll try my hand at making kimchi. I just looked it up on Wikipedia.


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