Adventures in Pickling

26 Jul

From wikipedia.orgLast week we got some great pickling cucumbers in our farm share. So last night we made refrigerator pickles. The big debate – dill or sweet? Josh likes dill, I like sweet. Luckily there are plenty of cucumbers at the farm and we’ll be getting more in this coming week’s share. This week Josh got his way and dill pickles we did make. We used a recipe that came from a little cookbook that was included with our canning pot. Hopefully it works just as well when you stick the jars in the fridge instead of processing them in boiling water.

We canned some (the boiling-water canning way) the past couple of years but they didn’t turn out so well. The cucumbers got mushy, and this past year they came out so salty they were inedible. So sad to throw out jars and jars of pickles! Hence our decision this year to try a different method. (I’m realizing as I gain more experience – canning is always an experiment and the results are often difficult to duplicate, for better or for worse!)

Hopefully the results will be better this time around. I’ve heard that the cucumbers stay crisper when you do them this way. For now our pickles are marinating in their jars in the back of the fridge. I’m eager to see how they turn out. I’ll keep you posted.

Check out this site where I found all sorts of pickling recipes I’m interested in trying later this season!


One Response to “Adventures in Pickling”

  1. Josh July 26, 2007 at 10:03 pm #

    Reading Erica’s post reminded me of a funny little poem I wrote about this time last year when we were elbow deep in pickle brine….

    A Recipe for Pickled Beans

    Picked beans
    pickled beans
    with the addition of
    and the letter “L”.

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