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Food Photography, part 2

28 Sep

This is the second in a series of posts on food photography. This week I want to feature someone very different from the last photography post. In the pictures posted here, Craig van der Lende combines wonderful food photography with a sense of whimsy and creativity with props, settings, and generally, by putting food in action. These are not so much still portraits of vegetables, but rather cleverly captured moments in time.

Please go check out van der Lende’s website at to see more of his wonderful photos. Click on to see a few more on this site… Continue reading

Eating Well While Doing Good

24 Sep

http://www.vanderlende.comI just returned from a week of organizing in Chicago. I was working to be educate the public about media reform issues in Chicago in the lead up to the 5th of 6 FCC hearings on media ownership. This was a rare opportunity for the public to talk directly to the people who make the rules, speaking truth to power. More than 800 people attended the public hearing and more than 200 people signed up to speak.

It was an enthralling and exhausting week. Most days I worked between 12 and 16 hour days going to meetings, facilitating workshops, working with activists on turn out and helping them write their testimony. I ate when I could, and often this meant grabbing a muffin at a local coffee shop, or a sub at a mini mart. At night, when we wrapped up our various activities for the day, my colleagues and I would head out to what ever place still served food after 11pm, usuallya bar of some sort, and had a late dinner of whatever we could get – often something fried. Continue reading

Waste woes

11 Sep

Time to come clean. I did make that promise that this would be the place were we hold ourselves accountable. We have been working hard at making use of all of our farm veggies – cooking them, freezing them, baking with them, sharing them with friends. But over the past few weeks there have been some that have gotten lost in the back of the fridge or have left us uninspired as to how to prepare them. This unfortunate list includes: arugula, mustard greens, beets, corn, lettuce, cucumbers, and beans.

What’s on Your Plate?

9 Sep

Erica and I walked into the farm shop earlier this week and noticed a glossy flier by the check in sheet. In big letters it asked “What’s on Your Plate?” and went on to announce an upcoming event at the Kripalu center for yoga in the Berkshires. What caught my eye was the name of the conference: Conscious Kitchens (note the similarity to the tag line for our blog?). I was intrigued and excited and thought this would be a perfect event to attend and report back to all of our readers. However, the five day event costs $375 for tuition and at least another $700 for room an boarder person. So needless to say, we won’t be attending, however, here is more info if you want to. It looks great!

“Join leading food activists, authors, filmmakers, nutritionists, and chefs for five spectacular days of experiential inquiry into the personal and global implications of our food choices. We will participate in vital conversation around healthy eating, whole foods, environmentally sound agricultural methods, and how our approach to food can change our lives and our world”

The image above is from their website – visit them at