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Quick Bites – Veggie Soul Food

21 Oct

While in Chicago I stumbled upon a Quizno sub shop that had been turned into a vegetarian and vegan soul food sub shop. With hip hop on the radio and 15 different flavors of soy they were pioneering a whole new kind of hoggie in this deli. If you are in Chicago be sure to check out this cool little shop in Hyde Park. Check out more about vegetarian soul food here:

Pumpkin Harvest

21 Oct

PumpkinsThe farm was quiet at nine-thirty on this Saturday morning in late September. Sun crept in through the open barn doors like the tide coming in. Inside, the air was still cool and moist from the night before. The wood of the barn, just built the season before, was still yellow as though freshly cut and hewn from the tree. The week’s harvest was arranged around the base of the barn’s big center beams, as if to remind us what it takes to build a barn, a community, a farm. With the crisp morning air, and the rich hues of the vegetables spread out there, Erica and I could not help being reminded of our recent entry in to autumn. Here in New England, the vegetables change color before the leaves do. The bright yellow peppers, orange carrots, purple eggplants, white leeks, yellow corn, and green cucumbers, of the early summer have been replaced by maroon onions, burgundy potatoes, olive colored squash, and violet beets, all caked with dark earth. Erica and I gathered our share, noting that these late season vegetables weigh much more than their predecessors, and discuss what we can store in our basement, what we will have to pickle, and what we will eat during the week ahead. The canvass bags on our shoulders, bulging at the seams, smelled strongly of dirt and veggies.
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