Food Photography – Part Three

9 Dec

My friend Dave Viale recently sent me some photos from his kitchen and I wanted to share them here. The photos began with Dave simply testing our his new digital camera, but led to a full kitchen photo shoot.

There was something about these photos that really captured my attention. At first I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, but in an email exchange with Dave, he actually nailed it for me.

He said when he was shooting, he was as concerned about capturing the food as he was at capturing the containers the food was in. Why might this spark either of our attention? For one, so much of our food these days is stored in plastic, or sealed in cardboard. I wonder if the disposable nature of our food packaging has shaped the way people eat and think about food.

What comes across in Dave’s pictures is someone who is not only protecting his food, but actually caring for it. I don’t think someone could take these kinds of pictures if they saw food as simply disposable. It helps that his kitchen filled with beautiful clear glass inatead of the cloudy pale white of tupperwear or the rainbow of brands plastered across boxes.

How we store our food, may speak volumes about how we value our food. If that is true, these photos remind us to care for our food, and to value, not only the energy stored within it, but also the beauty that shines through it.


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