Quick Bites: Kitchen Tips

16 Dec

Plan A Menu
Erica and I love to cook most when we think ahead a little. We have a lot to learn about menu planning, and this post offers some great places to get started.

Test Your Kitchen Chops
My uncle once told me that if I knew how to chop an onion I could woo any women in th the world. Aside from the chauvinistic overtones, the idea of wielding a knife like the chefs on TV is an alluring prospect. Check out this video to hone your skills.

Fight Moods with Foods
I tend to scoff at the food as medicine tips that show up in so many health magazines (i.e. six foods that will improve your memory, three fruits that will make you smile, eight nuts that will save your heart, etc…) However there was an interesting piece in Men’s Health that lists six snacks for six moods. For example:

  • Your Mood: Restless You need some serious shut-eye before the big day.
  • Your Meal: Nonfat popcorn half an hour before you go to bed
  • Here’s Why: The carbs will induce your body to create serotonin, a neurochemical that makes you feel relaxed. “Make sure it’s fat-free, because fat will slow the process of boosting serotonin levels,” says Somer.

All these tips come via Lifehacker.com – check them out for more.


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