RecipeHacking Number 1 – Results!

13 Apr

Well, the votes have been counted and the dishes have been tasted – Erica and I are ready to declare the inaugural RecipeHacker winner.

The winner is Anastasia Tirio for her prosciutto, gruyere, fontina and basil Mac and Cheese recipe. We loved the rich flavors of this recipe and would never have thought of the basil breadcrumbs. A number of other people also commented on this recipe. Anastasia will receive a $10 dollar gift certificate to a local natural food store of her choice. We also want to extend an honorable mention to the cajun style of Ixel Haseltine‘s recipe.

We were amazed by the outpouring of interest in this little experiment. We had more than 10 new recipes posted, and more than 30 people joined the Facebook group, and lots of wonderful emails from many of you about how excited you were about testing your RecipeHacking skills.

Sharpen your knives and stock your kitchens – the next installment will be posted soon.


One Response to “RecipeHacking Number 1 – Results!”

  1. Anastasia April 15, 2008 at 1:52 pm #

    Thanks Josh and Erica! I love the concept behind what you’re doing. And Justin and I enjoyed participating and can’t wait to try the next challenge.

    Josh, you encouraged me to share my truly favorite mac’ recipe with the group. It’s from Chat N’ Chew – a quirky, greasy spoon on E 16th Street, near Union Station. I first tried it in 2000 while working in NYC and it’s remained on my all-time, top-5 comfort staples. With a spicy kick and a crunchy, baked top, it’s a unique blend of texture and taste. I tried to mimic the recipe for years and finally found it online.

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