RecipeHacking Number 2 – Results!

19 May

The results are in for our second round of RecipeHacking. The triumphant winner of the Beans and Rice Challenge is Dan E. (with an honorable mention to Dave V. for posting the original bean cake recipe – great concept)! Congratulations Dan! While we appreciated Shawn’s sexy texy-mexy version with green rice, adored the sheer poetry of Brian’s recipe, and enjoyed the images of floating around the Caribbean that Justin conjured up with his coconut and rum flavored concoction – ultimately we just couldn’t pass on the pineapple rice!

Dan – you are catering to this judge more than you know (pun intended). I am pregnant and the one and only craving I’ve had so far is for pineapple. I can’t get enough of it these days! Love the innovative combination of flavors in your recipe – especially the added freshness of cilantro – goes great with the pineapple. Get in touch with us here or via facebook to claim your prize! 

Thanks to everyone who participated in our second hacking challenge! Keep spreading the word and get ready to race to your kitchens – the third challenge is on it’s way! 


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