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A New Beginning

30 Jul

After a not so brief hiatus, I’ve decided it’s finally time to resurrect our poor neglected blog. Some of you may be wondering what happened. The answer is I was busy cooking up something special. Let me introduce you to our newest Kitchen Dancer (who is actually more of a Kitchen Crawler at this point): Toby Carlson Stearns.

With a new baby on the scene I of course have been busy dealing with a big adjustment in my life and unfortunately have not done much exciting cooking for quite a few months.  But now with farm season in full swing I am feeling a bit more inspired to spend some quality time in the kitchen. I’ve been pulling out some old favorite recipes and discovering some new ones in addition to making lots and lots of homemade baby food.

Coming soon:

I have some great recipes (complete with photos!) I look forward to sharing with you.

Musing on making baby food.

The next RecipeHacker challenge.

Plus lots more. Stay tuned!