Raspberries and Piglets

18 Aug

We missed picking our farm share up this weekend because we were out of town so I went late this afternoon with Toby. I was expecting to just run into the farm shop, grab a few veggies, and then head off again – but then I saw on the “you pick” chalkboard that the raspberries were ready. So with Toby strapped onto my back with his little sunhat on, we marched to the far end of the farm.

On the way we passed the piglets and Eric the boar. They were all full of it today – snorting away and kind of scampering around. While we were walking by one jumped right into the water trough. Another tried desperately to edge it’s way in. He only managed to squeeze the front half of his body in the trough with the other piglet, leaving his hind quarters and curly tail wiggling over the edge. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Toby was twisting around my back, trying to get a better look. Looking over my shoulder I could see he had such a funny look on his face – one of wonderment, curiosity, and concern all at once.

The raspberry patch was hot and I was feeling anxious to get back in the air conditioned car. (It was in the 90’s today!) But it was worth it! I picked one pint of perfectly ripe raspberries. They were glistening like rubies in the afternoon sun. I was feeling so grateful out there. After the disappointment of the blight taking our tomatoes it felt good to be out picking.

On our way back we walked past the pig pen again. This time Toby got so excited. He started waving his arms and kicking his feet and making happy little chirping noises. It thrills me that he will grow up having experiences like these – seeing piglets romp in their pen and understanding how things like raspberries grow. It’s something I don’t take for granted. At least not today.


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