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Can the Can

24 Nov

Offices, classrooms and civic groups around the country are gearing up for their annual canned food drives. From now until the new year people will pile prepackaged, non-perishable food items in cardboard boxes and promptly forget about hunger and homelessness for the rest of the year.

Obviously, this is a generalization, and likely a bit unfair. But as the season of the can drive bears down on us, I have to wonder – is it time to can the can?

We need a new kind of food drive. One that helps build a sustainable infrastructure for healthy local food for everyone. One that is premised on valuing the land and the people in our community. One that is rooted in justice, not charity. Continue reading

RecipeHacking Challenge # 4: Thanksgiving

21 Nov

This time instead of choosing a specific recipe to hack we’re opting for a seasonal theme: THANKSGIVING LEFTOVERS!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get creative with the remnants of your turkey day feast. You can choose to hack one component of the meal or many or all. Not all Thanksgiving dinners are created equal but we’re working on the assumption that there’s usually turkey/tofurky, cranberry sauce, gravy, stuffing (a.k.a. dressing depending on where you’re from), mashed potatoes, vegetables (green bean cassarole? peas and onions?, sweet potatoes/yams?, squash? etc. etc.), and often pie. It doesn’t matter if the dish you choose to hack is traditional or not. What does matter is that it was part of your original Thanksgiving dinner. If it’s not obvious, please explain how your dish or ingredient was initially used and then how you chose to reinvent it.

Now to be clear – this ain’t no turkey sandwich challenge. We know you can do better than that!

As usual, please post your recipes in the comment section of this post. The winner of the Thanksgiving Leftover RecipeHacking Challenge will win bragging rights and a small prize. The deadline for this challenge is December 11th.

If you are new to RecipeHacking check out a description here and our previous rice and bean, macaroni and cheese, and pizza challenges.