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RecipeHacking 4 – Results

6 Jan

It’s been awhile since we last posted about RecipeHacking. Thanks to all the great ideas our readers had for ways to hack Thanksgiving leftovers, our food coma lasted all the way through New Years this year. But we’re back with results from the 4th RecipeHacking challenge.

We have to applaud all the submissions from this past RecipeHacking. Did you know you could create pate’, blintzes, croquettes, and pot pies all from your Thanksgiving leftovers? Check out all the recipes here.

In the end, we were most charmed with Karen Renzi’s Sweet Potato Croquettes. We thought it was a really unexpected way to use sweet potatoes and loved how simple and accessible it was. However the thing that sealed the deal for us, was that we saw endless possibilities to tweak her recipe. Adding turkey to the potatoes, using stuffing instead of breadcrumbs, even dipping them in cranberry sauce… Sometimes the best hack is a recipe that can be hacked again.

We also wanted to give a special shout out to Jamie Folsom whose recipe, “Fight for Your Right to Paaaaaaate’!!” had us in laughing out loud. We loved the humor, and the way Jamie took something really unappetizing and turned it into a real treat.

Stay tuned for big news about RecipeHacking in the coming weeks and months.