Salmon Salad Lettuce Wraps

8 Jun

Eager to make use of the fresh veggies we got at our first visit to the farm as well as some leftover salmon, we created this recipe for dinner. Fresh, easy, and perfect for a warm summer evening. Plus pretty enough for company.

2 cups cooked salmon, flaked


lemon juice

a BIG handful of fresh dill, finely chopped

whole leaves of butter/boston lettuce, washed and dried

one large radish, cut in half or thirds then sliced

Combine salmon with mayo, lemon juice, and dill to taste until you get the flavor and consistency you like. (For an extra lemony flavor throw in a little zest from the lemon too.) Fill the bowl the of lettuce leaf with a hearty scoop of the salmon salad. Top with sliced radishes. Wrap it up and dig in!

The lettuce, dill, and radishes were fresh from the farm as was the steamed broccoli we had on the side. From farm to table in a matter of hours. This is what I love about summer!


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