Vegetable Guilt

30 Jun

Today is farm share pick-up day. I just looked in my fridge to do a little inventory of what we still have from last week. Sadly, I discovered some broccoli, bok choy, and kale that was past it’s prime. I think it was from the week before last. It got shoved way in the back of the fridge and was quickly forgotten as we tried with all our might to get through all the lettuce, zucchini, and snap peas. This year we are splitting a share. I can’t imagine if we had a full share! It’s a good reminder that even though all these beautiful, fresh, and luscious vegetables are available, it doesn’t mean we need to take everything that is available to us. When I started this blog part of my reasoning was that I wanted a place to be held accountable, with the hope that if I put it all out there for you to see, dear readers,  I would make wiser choices, be less wasteful and more creative with our food. It’s all about eating with intention. And that includes selecting our food with intention and not being gluttonous when I’m standing there overwhelmed and delighted by the huge table of veggies in the farm shop.

Today at the farm, I will try to quiet the voice that says surely I could come up with something innovative to do with chinese cabbage, and instead will try to be a bit more realistic about what we can and will eat.


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