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Still Dancing

26 Feb

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written or posted much of anything here but Kitchen Dancing has never been far from my mind. Yet again, I would like to resurrect my poor neglected blog. But this time around, I’m rethinking it, reshaping it – I have decided I need to broaden my scope. In the past months my silence has not always been a reflection of how busy life is in our household,  how difficult it is to prioritize writing after a long day with a toddler or a long day at work. Often, perhaps. But not always. There have been times when I’ve had lots to say but I’ve felt confined by the theme of this venue.  So, I am making a decision. This will not be a blog just about local food and cooking , food politics and recipes, though I’m sure those will be frequent topics. Instead this will be a general outlet for my musings, for anyone who is interested in listening. Hello out there.

My house, the first and only house my husband and I have bought so far, is a little farmhouse that was built around 1850. Supposedly the Manhan River used to run right through my backyard (it’s since been re-routed much further behind my house) and supposedly my little house started as just a kitchen and shop. Mules used to pull barges down the river and workers would stop at my house to stock up on supplies and get a bite to eat. The previous owner said she found horseshoes in the garden. And we’ve found weights for an old fashioned scale on the property. I love this story of my home’s origins – that this was a place founded on hospitality.

Over time other rooms were added on and this building became a house. It’s purpose evolved. But I still think of the kitchen as the nucleus, the place where our energy is concentrated. Yes, it’s the room where we do our cooking, but it’s also the place where we hatch our plans, where we pour a glass of wine and talk with our friends, where we flop around on the floor with our son pretending to swim like whales, and where we turn up the music and boogie until we are out of breath.

Some things may be changing, but you can be assured we are still dancing in the kitchen.

Thank you, Mark Bittman!

2 Feb

Mark Bittman’s most recent op-ed, A Food Manifesto for the Future. A great read. I can really get behind everything he’s bringing up here. Our food system is seriously broken and he offers some great suggestions. I can’t wait to hear him flesh some of these ideas out in the future. I’ve always appreciated Mark Bittman’s recipes and cookbooks but I’m so appreciative that he is using his voice and notoriety to bring these important issues into the forefront for the greater public to consider. We need a food revolution in this country and education is the first step to bringing real change.