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The Veggie Project Launches

13 Jul

This is just a quick shout out to a new project that a friend of mine recently launched with a bunch of friends. It is a recipe blog (, but with a particular focus on philosophy guiding it. The blog pulls together six people who are spending the summer experimenting with cooking and creating vegitarian meals for their families with local produce. Some are members of local farms, others are farmers market fanatics, some just shop local at their neighborhood grocery.

Unlike some recipe blogs out there (who will remain nameless) these writers offer not just ingrediants and instructions, but also a bit of reflection and inspiration. The recipes are introduced and described, the writers talk about where the food comes from and how they found it, and the blog reads like a conversation with amongst good friends. It treats food as an experience and honors the whole path from the ground to the gut.

Here is how they describe their effort:

We are a group of Boston-area families committed to cooking with local vegetables.  During the summer of 2008, we each plan to try new vegetarian recipes with produce from local farms.  We will use this blog to share information about the recipes we have cooked, and hope to inspire others to cook more locally.

So far there is only a few recipes to enjoy on the blog, but I encourage our readers here to go check it out. Try some of the recipes yourself and add your two cents to the comments section. I hope this is not just a summer project and that it continues through the winter, perhaps exploring how to can, preserve, and put local food away for the months when local food is not so easy to get your hands on in New England.