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Building a Cob Pizza-Oven in Pictures

4 May

How timely! The Guardian just published this cool article about building your own cob pizza-oven.

If you’re curious about the process and wonder what the heck Josh and I are getting ourselves into this summer. Here is a photo slideshow so you can see each step.

More soon about this project as we develop a timeline and start stocking up on supplies. Stay tuned!


RecipeHacking Challenge # 6: Burritos

4 May

Are you ready for the next RecipeHacking challenge? This time around we’re going to hack BURRITOS! Everyone’s favorite hand-held meal on the go. Coincidentally, this is right in time for Cinco de Mayo.

Burritos lend themselves so well to improvisation. They seem like a natural choice for RecipeHacking. I don’t really feel the need to put an original recipe. At it’s most basic, a burrito is a tortilla stuffed with beans and cheese, maybe some rice and then can be doctored up with whatever meat, veggies, or condiments your heart desires.

What’s your favorite kind of burrito? I encourage you all to think outside the box…or the tortilla as the case may be. Consider toying with the ingredients/flavors/spices/ethnicity…and/or the presentation. Is a burrito still a burrito if it’s not wrapped up in a single tortilla? Does it have to be a tortilla? What else could you use? The possibilities are endless. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

As usual, please post your recipes in the comments section below. The deadline for this hack is Monday, May 30th.

If you’re unfamiliar with RecipeHacking here’s the basic premise. If you’re interested, you can look back at previous posts to see how we’ve challenged our readers to hack macaroni and cheesebeans and ricepizzathanksgiving leftovers, and shepherd’s pie.